Follow the steps below to register a member to share website links for friends to buy to earn commissions.

Step 1: Come to the website, Register An Account
步骤 1 :来到网站,注册帐号

Step 2: Log in account Or Register Account
步骤 2 :登录帐号或注册帐号

Step 3: Choose Product Page
步骤 3:选择产品页面

Step 4: Share Product Page
步骤 4:分享产品页面

Step 5: Pulish Post
步骤 5:发布动态

Step 6: Post Pulishing is successful
步骤 6:动态发布成功

*If your friends successfully consume in the products you share, you will get commissions. If you just browse the product without spending, you won't get a commission.
*如果你的朋友有在你分享的产品里成功消费 ,你就会得到佣金。如果只是浏览产品并没有消费,你就没有得到佣金。

Step 7: Checkout the commission
步骤 7:查看佣金

Step 8: Click "Affiliate Area"
步骤 8:点 "会员区"

Step 9: Click "Referrals"
步骤 9:点 "推广"

Step 10: Check your commission
步骤 10:查看你的佣金

*If you have successfully recommended a friend to spend, but you have not received the commission. Can contact 016-607 6173
*如果你成功推荐朋友消费,但自己还没有拿到佣金。可以联系 016-607 6173

The above are all the steps to register a member to share website links for friends to buy, thereby earn commissions, I wish you a happy use.😊

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